How the Trump and Clinton Foundations are Vastly Different

By Emma Sin 10/24/16
Like the people, both the Trump and Clinton foundations are very different.

The size, to begin with. The Clinton foundation is very large among world charities. The foundation employs around 2,000 people and raised around $2 billion from third parties and other major foundations. The Clinton foundation has helped more than 435 million people in 180 countries.

The Trump foundation, on the other hand, is in the middle of the size scale. It has no paid staff and consists of him, his three oldest children, and a chief financial officer. Trump has put $5.4 million of his own money into the foundation. Outside sources have funded the foundation since the 2007 housing market crash.

Clinton’s foundation primarily helps lowers the price of AIDS medication. It also sponsors programs in economic development, public health, climate change, and women’s rights. Trump’s foundation helps charities directly chosen by the Trump family. The foundation has given the most money to United Way, the American Cancer Society, and New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Both foundations have been majorly criticized. Clinton’s foundation has been accused of being a way for wealthy businesses to have power over the Clintons by Trump himself. Trump’s foundation has been suspected of giving a donation that also supports his business.

Neither company is perfect, yet they both have still done numerous charitable acts.

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