Trump Speaks Out on Jessica Drake Allegations

By Shea McCusker 10/26/16

Oh, I’m sure she’s never been grabbed before,” Donald Trump said sarcastically regarding the recent allegations of sexual harassment filed by adult film actress Jessica Drake.
Last Saturday, Drake came forward with statements accusing the Republican presidential candidate of grabbing her on the arm and forcibly kissing her back in 2006 at a hotel in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Drake says Trump kissed her without permission in a hotel room at a charity golf tournament. When Drake felt uncomfortable and left, she claims she received a phone call from Trump asking her to dinner and a party. When she declined, she says he offered her $10,000.
10 other women have come forward with similar stories.
The accusations range from Trump grabbing inappropriately on planes, to kissing at the Mar-a-Lago Club to unwanted sexual advances at work. Trump has insisted that he will seek lawsuits against any news organizations who publish these stories.
Trump shot the accusations down calling them pure fiction and insisting that Drake’s claims, along with other women who have come forward in the last handful of weeks, are lies. He is adamant about being an advocator and respecter of women and does not acknowledge any wrongdoing.
Only a few weeks earlier, a 2005 Access Hollywood video was released of a conversation between Trump and radio host Billy Bush, following a conversation filled with derogatory talk of women. The talk of Trump belittling women and supporting sexual assault has exploded and since then Trump has received heavy backlash as well as has seen drops in the polls.

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