Advocates Support Prisoners’ Rights Walk for Inclusion to Massachusetts State House

By Priscilla Liguori 10/23/2016

Dozens of Massachusetts residents are taking to the streets to advocate for prisoners’ rights. Supporters who want to end the life sentence without parole┬áparticipated in the Walk for Inclusion from Ramsay Park in Roxbury to the State House Sunday, Oct. 23.

(Priscilla Liguori/WEBN-TV)
(Priscilla Liguori/WEBN-TV)

“They’re human beings,” said advocate Margarita Suarez. “They have family members…who miss them…Half of these people are innocent in there, and half of them have already paid their time for their crime. So why not let them come home to us?”

(Priscilla Liguori/WEBN-TV)

Participants in the walk shared personal stories about how they are connected to prisoners’ rights. Suarez said she came for justice for Pedro Valentine, the father of her two children who has been incarcerated for 26 years.

“We’re getting together and trying to get some solidarity amongst everybody and get the word out to our senators and our government, and also get the word out so people can vote and represent themselves properly,” said advocate Wesley Washington.

The walk was organized by the Emancipation Initiative and supported by the Criminal Justice Policy Coalition.

Last week, over 200 advocates marched to the Pennsylvania State House to also support ending the sentence of life without parole.