Clinton Lets Loose

By Autumn Pattison 10/28/16

Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton has finally allowed herself to take a break from the campaign trail, less than two weeks away from the election. The former Secretary of State celebrated her 69th birthday Wednesday, and had a jam-packed 24 hour celebration filled with beer-soaked donuts, tequila, and an Adele concert.

Clinton also joked that the solution to mending the divided country may be a national dance party. The former first lady was offered various birthday gifts throughout the day by her interviewers, and was serenaded by the crowd at her birthday campaign stop in Florida.

The famously guarded candidate is finally relaxing, and allowing voters to see a different, lighter side of her personality. This sunny disposition seems to coincide with Clinton’s increasing odds of winning the presidency on November 8th. The country has entered the home stretch of the race, giving Clinton a fresh burst of energy as she is unburdened from debates and fundraisers, and only seems to be gaining in the polls. A forecast from the New York Times gives Clinton a 92% chance of winning.

Clinton’s campaign staff think it’s a good thing for the country to see Clinton loosen up. Clinton herself has admitted that she lacks the charisma of Barack Obama, and her husband, Bill Clinton. She is a self-described “unnatural politician”, but is embracing it, and even joked about the perception that she is boring at the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner earlier this month in Manhattan. “I’m not boring at all. In fact, I’m the life of every party I attend,” Clinton said. “And I’ve been to three!”