Clinton on the Campaign Trail

By Allie Walker 11/4/16

FBI director James Comey threw a curveball at Hillary Clinton’s Campaign on Friday when he announced reopening the bureau’s email investigation of Clinton’s private server and told congress that new emails have been discovered.

Over the past 18 months Clinton’s core message to potential voters is that she’s the only candidate fit to be president, but many are speculating that this may be damaging to Clinton’s path to presidency as the Nov. 8 Election Day is less than a week away.

The worry has been with the voters in swing states. Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, said that Comey exercised an “error in judgment,” while Clinton and her supporters view his release as unprecedented this close to an election.

Hillary’s email scandal is not new news. In March it became known that Clinton used a private email server instead of a State Department account for emails regarding official information.

Since voters are already cognizant of the emails, Clinton’s not worried. Her campaign has devoted time and resources into winning over not just battleground states, but the nation as a whole.

“”I think most people have decided a long time ago what they think about all this,” Clinton said. “Now, what people are focused on is choosing the next president and commander and chief of the United States of America.”