Social media: the aftermath of the victory of Donald Trump

By Rafael Trujillo 11/10/16

People have turned to social media to express their feelings about the recently elected 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Americans have turned to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to voice their opinions about the Trump presidency. The hashtag #TrumpProtest has over 92 thousand tweets. Other hashtags that have been trending over the last twenty-four hours are the following: #notmypresident, #trumppresident, #trumpswin, #imstillwithher, referring to Hillary Clinton, and #maga, which expands to Make America Great Again, the slogan of Trump’s presidential campaign.

Celebrities and athletes expressed their ideals in social media. Alec Baldwin, who has portrayed Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” tweeted “The billionaire Republican businessman is close to winning the race and world markets are crashing. He’s all yours, America. He’s all yours.” LeBron James and JR Smith, who participated in Clinton’s rally in Cleveland, Ohio, published in Instagram. Smith posted a picture of his daughter, and he said “How do you explain to this face what happen? You can be an educated women in your field and not get the job because you’re a women or cause you’re black?” James encouraged his children, “[It’s] time to educate and even more my children into being the greatest model citizens they can become in life!”

Trump’s term starts with a country divided and shocked. He’s the new president, and it his turn to represent all Americans. If he pretends to lead successfully over the next four years, his rhetoric from the primaries must stay in the past.