Record-breaking Governor in New Hampshire

By Rafael Trujillo 11/14/16

New Hampshire residents made history by electing the youngest governor in the nation, Chris Sununu.

Sununu has followed the footsteps of his father, John H. Sununu, who served three terms as governor of New Hampshire starting in 1983.

Sununu turned 42 years old last week, and he is seven months younger than Republican Eric Greitens, who was elected governor of Missouri last Tuesday. Nikki Haley, South Carolina’s governor, is two years older than Sununu. Haley currently holds the “youngest title.”

“Chris won by the will of the people, and he should continue to follow his instincts that won him the trust of so many,” Haley said. “His drive, knowledge, and experience will allow him to be a great governor.

Colin Van Ostern was the Democratic candidate for New Hampshire, and he’s even younger than Sununu, 37. During campaign season, one of the theme of both campaign was to present the other candidate as inexperience businessmen. Van Ostern has worked for political campaigns, Stonyfield Yogurt and Southern New Hampshire University. Sununu acquired and operated the Waterville Valley ski area, and he is also a former environmental engineer.

There was someone younger elected to serve in New Hampshire. Hugh Gregg, 35, was elected governor of New Hampshire in 1952. Gregg served as governor, mayor of Nashua, veteran of World War II and the Korean War. Judd Gregg, Hugh’s son, served as governor, congressman, and U.S. senator.