Obama Speaks Out on Trump’s Rhetoric

By Shea McCusker 11/18/16

   In the midsts of a country divided on the results of the presidential election, President Obama shared his honest thoughts on Donald Trump’s campaign methods at an overseas conference in Athens, Greece on Tuesday. He cited the president-elect’s decision to use rhetoric to play into American’s fears as “troubling”.
Obama also spoke about how the Republican party candidate utilized globalization fears among the American people to win based on untrustworthy facts against the economy. 
Despite his differences with Trump, Obama mentioned it is his responsibility to do his best to ensure a smooth transition between the two and give Trump the best advice he can give in moving forward, whether Trump decides to take it or not.
Donald Trump ran his campaign promising to put America first by building a wall between Mexico and the United States (and having Mexico pay for it), put a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, and repealing some of what Obama has done in the past eight years. Concerns among opposers have been evident all throughout his campaign about his use of arguably racist, sexist and discriminatory comments and policies. Protests have been seen all throughout the country following his victory, some turning violent and leading to arrests, while others remained peaceful.
The election of Donald Trump still rattles many who were confident in Hillary Clinton’s win. Obama himself also expressed general shock of how the Nov. 8 election unfolded, mentioning in his conference that he was generally surprised. Pre-election polls all across the country almost unanimously selected Hillary Clinton by winning the election by a landslide.This was a certainly off the margin from 290-232 electoral college vote by Donald Trump. Professional are also still analyzing the results and pinpointing the major causes of both how Donald Trump won and how polls missed it.