Trump’s 200 Day Plan

By Allie Walker 11/21/16

President-elect Donald Trump intends to act on his campaign trail promises of his administration with a 200 day plan. According to a document obtained by CNN this includes following through with withdrawing or renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement. The contents of this draft are a blueprint of Trump’s plan which states:

“The Trump trade plan breaks with the globalist wings of both the Republican and Democratic parties… The Trump administration will reverse decades of conciliatory trade policy. New trade agreements will be negotiated that provide for the interests of US workers and companies first.”

This 200 day plan is built to: renegotiate or withdraw from NAFTA, stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, stop “unfair imports,” end “unfair trade practices,” focus on bilateral trade deals, lower business taxes, and eliminate regulations and restrictions on domestic energy.

On day one Trump has outlined to begin a study on the consequences of withdrawing from NAFTA and what must happen to do so. The Day 100 plan says while Trump renegotiates NAFTA, he will also see if China could be labeled a currency manipulator. By Day 200, Trump would be deciding on officially withdrawing from NAFTA and continuing on with bilateral trade agreements. The document notes that Congress has granted the President Trade Promotion Authority, executive power for Trump to get trade deals through Congress faster. This could be extended until 2021.

Although this document acknowledges the negative consequences of withdrawing from NAFTA, it notes that bilateral trade agreements with Canada and Mexico could help fix any issues.