Anthony Weiner faces fines for campaign violations

By Michael Vinci 12/2/16

Anthony Weiner has returned to the political spotlight after being fined $65,000 in fines for campaign violations that occurred in his 2013 bid for New York City mayor. After a routine audit by the New York City Campaign Finance Board to examine which candidates accepted public finding, he was found to have violated campaign rules. Weiner is accused of overpaying a fundraising consultant and of using campaign money to cover more than $1,500 in dry cleaning and personal phone bills.

Mr. Weiner is well-known for his sexting scandal back in 2011 which resulted in him resigning from Congress. In his campaign for mayor of New York City, he presented himself as having changed for the better.

A spokeswoman for the Weiner campaign declined to comment on the situation. In addition to the fines, Weiner remains under investigation for his supposed exchanges with an underage girl back in October.

Wenier’s marriage to Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin fell apart in August after more suggestive images and messages emerged. In October, alleged texts to an underage girl found on his computer brought Weiner into the spotlight once again. Also found on his computer were emails between Ms. Abedin and Hillary Clinton, causing an FBI investigation just 11 days before the election.