Tension builds outside Trump’s first “thank you” rally

By Kimberly Wilborn 12/2/16

A group of people gathered outside the US Bank area in Cincinnati, Ohio about an hour before Donald Trump’s first “Thank You Rally” to protest the president-elect’s win.

Cincinnati is the first of many stops that Donald Trump will be making in his national tour of thanking the nation for electing him. He will be traveling to key states that helped him win the election such as Ohio and Iowa.

The protesters outside the US Bank Area chanted about “fighting back” while holding bullhorns and signs. There were many “love trumps hate” signs and one woman dressed in a graduation gown who said into a megaphone “I’m not a rapist, I’m not a criminal. Education not deportation.”

As more and more protesters chanted on the sides of the rally entrance and the security line to get into the rally grew, so did the tension.

A few men in Make America Great Again hats yelled at the protestors “losers!” There was also shouting and yelling back and forth between both groups.

Police officers on bikes came to form a line to separate the groups around 7pm.

Both groups then thanked the officers for their service.

Though tension did build as time passed, the protest remained peaceful.