Insults fly between Trump and Clinton aides

By Emma Sinn 12/2/16

Tensions were high with insults and eye rolling between aides of the Trump and Clinton campaigns. The aides came together at Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics four weeks after the election for a panel discussion.

Instead write something like this:  The two-hour event had aides running the gamut of emotions – from shouting at each other one moment, to calmly discussing data the next

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway told the other side, “Hey guys, we won,” and challenged them to “accept the results of the election.” Conway also stated, “He was the better candidate. That’s why we won,” as the hostilities ran on.

Chief Strategist Joel Benenson for Clinton asked who Trump’s supporters are trying “to take America back from.” He also pointed out that Clinton won the majority vote.

There is an “underlying cultural anxiety about change that we were not willing to do,” Clinton Senior Adviser Karen Finney added to fuel the discussion on.

Clinton advisers Jennifer Palmeiri and Finney attacked the opposite side by saying that Trump was providing justification for white supremacy by hiring Breitbart Chief Executive Steve Bannon. The discussion turned from civil to an angry argument at that moment.

Conway responded, “Are you going look me in the face and say I provided a platform for white supremacists?” To that, Palmeiri and Finney simply said “yes.”

Palmeiri added, “I would rather lose than win the way you did.”

The situation quickly spun out of control with Trump adviser David Bossie reducing to pure insult, “you guys are pathetic.”

The discussion reflected a bigger picture with the polarizing views held across the nation. It also shows how people have been reduced to pure insults over the election results and the disdain held for the opposing side.