Donald Trump sends mixed messages to China

By Kayla LaRosa 12/9/16

President elect Donald Trump has been sending mixed messages to China recently, despite his ambition to restore relations with the global powerhouse.

Trump declared that the U.S. relationship with China is “one of the most important relationships that we must improve” at a rally in De Moines, Iowa, as part of his “thank you” tour across America. Trump’s actions toward the country have shown quite the opposite of this statement, as he has made threatening tweets, public comments, and foreign policy decisions.

China has expressed frustration with Trump’s actions recently, especially when he accepted a congratulatory phone call from the Taiwanese president. This interaction broke a foreign policy that spanned over the course of several decades, in which the United States refused to recognize the region of Taiwan as a country.

Trump also fired a series of tweets at China, as he harshly criticized the economic policies as well as the trade deficit that has led to a sluggish economy during the campaign.

Regardless of his recent actions, Trump hopes to maintain a diplomatic outlook, appointing Terry Branstand as the US Ambassador to China. The Chinese government has expressed positive relations with the Iowa governor, referring to him as a “friend.” Time will tell whether or not Trump’s goal to restore relations will be embraced.