Trump Meets with Al Gore on Climate Change

By Shea McCusker 12/11/16

President-elect Donald Trump’s unlikely meeting with 2000 presidential candidate Al Gore was “very interesting”, according to Gore himself. This comes as a surprise to some. Gore’s passionate coverage and message of climate change puts him on a different side of the spectrum than Trump on the issue.  
Gore reportedly had met with Trump’s daughter Ivanka earlier in the day. The measures of the meeting were not disclosed by Trump’s spokesperson Jason Miller. Gore stuck around after the meeting, and had a meeting with Trump himself, where Gore said he spent the bulk of his time.
Trump has vocalized his disbelief in global warming over the years, citing that it was created by the Chinese and is a hoax. Since his election he has taken this statement and turned it around, admitting he believes that there is some connection between carbon dioxide by humans and the world’s climate change.  Many Republicans believe that the idea climate change by humans is heavily exaggerated or untrue.
Gore has been very active in educating the public on global warming. His book and documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, following him as he travels around the world exposing  global warming and pollutions most evident areas. Gore urges Americans to take immediate action against the issues he believes are plaguing our nation. The book became a national sensation in 2006. It received awards such as Academy Award for Best Documentary Picture. The details of this meeting were not released. Gore himself described the meeting as “extremely interesting conversation” in finding common ground.
The meeting, from both devout environmentalists and skeptical Republicans alike, sticks out as odd. Others find peace in the idea of two very different politicians like Trump and Gore coming together and having conversation, even if the contents of that conversation remain vague.