Trump’s campaign spent considerably less than Clinton’s

By Michael Vinci 12/10/16

The Federal Election Commission’s recent fundraising report showed that Donald Trump spent far less than Hillary Clinton in the final push of the presidential race. Trump’s campaign spent approximately $94 million to Clinton’s $132 in the closing weeks. Over the course of the primary and general election, the Trump campaign raised almost $340 million. Of that amount, Trump personally contributed $66 million. In that same period, Hillary Clinton’s campaign raised approximately $581 million.
Brad Parscale, Trump’s Digital Director, informed The Associated Press that in the final days of the campaign, the Republican campaign and Trump’s coffers spend approximately $5 million in digital adds to encourage voter turnout. This advertising push focused on Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida. In the end, Trump won these states by extremely thin margins.
The cost of the Trump campaign’s last minute TV ads amounted to $39 million with an additional $29 million on digital advertising. Hillary Clinton spent $72 million on TV ads and approximately $16 million on internet ads in the last weeks of the general election.

Clinton’s campaign aides have stated that they did not always spend campaign money in the best places. Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook stated that he regretted not placing more staffers in Michigan. Trump took that state by just under 11,000 votes.

The president-elect is still raising money and has raised millions of dollars since the election, mostly coming from voter’s purchasing items such as hats and ornaments.