Vettys Ball Honors Military

Courtesy: Creative Commons
Courtesy: Creative Commons

By Ali Reid 1/20/2017
It was a powerful night of unity and solidarity for veterans at the Vettys Inaugural Ball.

The evening was about the country’s military leadership legacy.  It brought together veterans service organizations, active military members, and key decision-makers and supporters.  All of it was to keep  veterans front-and-center.

It was a special event for John Hill whose son is a disabled veteran.  He told WEBN that the gala’s vision reflected President Trump’s Inauguration speech.

“(Trump) said ‘whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots.’ And I think leading into tonight’s event, it was the perfect way to remind us all how grateful we are to live in this country, and to remember the ones that put their lives at risk to give us the best America possible.”