By Philippe Gonzalez  2/22/2017 

The lines between the real and the fake may seemed blurred in “Doctor Strange”  but finding the perfect balance between the both of them was one of the tasks Oscar nominated Stephane Ceretti enjoyed most about the production of the blockbuster film. Cerriti is nominated for an Academy Award for Best  Visual Effect for his work on “Doctor Strange.”

“We don’t want people to get lost with the story,” said Ceretti. “So it’s finding the balance between using the real world, we have lots of real locations in the film. We go to New York, we go to London we go to Katmandu, and these are grounding the film into reality. But as soon as you get away from that and go into all of the crazy dimensions, colors, and psychedelic stuff, we try to transition into these things in a way where in the edit with the effects that we do, we bring the audience into it slowly.”  

Another thing Mr. Ceretti enjoys about the process is the mix of ideas and cultures that the people working on the film brought to the table.

Ceretti said, “There’s lots of people coming from all over the world working on these films. We have people from Britain, we have people from Canada, we have people from everywhere from India, China, and I think its that richness of all that culture all the mixes all the ideas that come from everywhere because we are very open to ideas in our process of creating visual effects.”


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