By: Shaynah Ferreira 2/22/2017

 It’s all about finding a story you love and according to Swiss film makers, Timo Von Guten and Giacun Caduff, it’s what landed them a place in the Academy’s category for Best Live Action Film.

 La Femme et le TGV is a short action film based in Switzerland. Director Timo Von Guten says this film is based on a true story.

  “I first saw this story in a newspaper” said Von Guten and he was fascinated. He contacted the woman and eventually convinced her to let him base his next film off of her story.

 Elise Lafontaine (portrayed by  Actress Jane Birkin) has a faithful routine every evening and morning of waving at passing express trains. She finds a letter from a train conductor which really begins to brighten her life.

 The short film chronicles her correspondence with a person she has never met before and depicts her transformation from misery to joy in life from the smallest gesture.

 “This story is magical” said Von Guten “although it’s a real story, there is a real element of surrealism”.

 Giancun Caduff was the producer from the film and worked closely with Von Guten in the execution of taking one vision and transforming it into a meaningful film with an ultimate message.

 “At one point we all are Elise” said Caduff, “we have all been that person metaphorically waving at a train, hoping to be seen. To me, it’s about learning what you’ve been looking at is right in front of you.”

 The story is cut short for Elise when the train line stops detours for a shorter route to nearby Paris.  She steps out of the comfort zone of her repetitious life to find the source of her happiness.

 La Femme et le TGV is unique for this year’s Academy Awards as a minority in an traditionally English dominated category. The film was fully directed and produced in French.

 This Swiss-film is the team’s first Oscar-nomination.


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