Spotlight Shines on Super Bowl Show

By Paola Tristan Arruda 09/25/17

Lighting designer, Robert Barnhart, is no stranger to working on huge live events. And he is no stranger to winning awards.


He has won a creative arts Emmy for a Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction for a Variety Special….this year’s “Super Bowl Halftime Show with Lady Gaga.”

Robert Barnhart has worked on Super Bowl halftime shows since 2012. It’s something he says will always be exciting to him. “The challenge of trying to pull something off and saying, how can we make this idea happen, we’ve never do it before so how is it going to happen, that in itself is amazing.”

Barnhart is also the lighting director for the television show “So You Think You Can Dance” which was also nominated for outstanding lighting in a different category.

What might both shows’ lighting patterns have in common? Barnhart says the music is the most important part in determining the lighting and mood of the show. “Music is the easiest way to get inspiration for lighting… the motivation is brought to you when you’re listening to the type of tempo in the music.”

Barnhart has been nominated for 22 Emmys and the win for Super Bowl is his 11th win.