BPL teams up with Philharmonic

By Lexi Fean 10/01/17

They say that music and literature soothe the soul.  And it is extra special when it is free of charge.

All year long the Boston Public Library and Boston Philharmonic Orchestra will be offering performances across the city.

There will be concerts in Rabb Hall at the Central Library, the city’s 12 branch libraries, and the Courtyard.

The concerts make up the “Mosaic” program and will features the following themes: Women, African American, Latin-American, Boston-based, and living composers, the history of classical music, Thoreau UnCaged, and selections from Berio’s “Sequenzas.”

“This unique collaboration with Boston Philharmonic Orchestra furthers Boston Public Library’s commitment to bringing its collections and spaces to life, with a wide range of cultural programs, and celebrates the work of talented musicians and strong partners such as the BPO,” said David Leonard, President of the Boston Public Library.

Maestro Benjamin Zander will teach classes called “Interpretations of Music: Lessons for Life.” He is the founder and conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.

“We will work on a movement of one of the Bach cello suites for viola, two heavenly Mahler songs, and a brilliant show piece for cello with three fabulously gifted young performers.  I guarantee that we will all walk out at 12 with our spirits lifted and our hearts opened, in the way that only great music can.  Bring a youngster, so that we can reveal the magical world of classical music,” Zander said.

The next class will be Saturday, Oct. 14 at 10 a.m. at Raab Hall and the concert schedule can be found at www.bpl.org/calendar.