AOL Instant Messenger Gone Forever

by Elizabeth Perkin 10/10/2017
AOL Instant Messenger, AIM, will shut down on Dec. 15 after 20 years online. This social media site shutting down marks the end of an era for many early social media users.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

In 1997, when AIM launched on the World Wide Web technology was nothing like it is today. Back then there were only desktop computers that had to be plugged into the internet. Today we have laptops and wireless everything. AIM is one of the founding networks that established the internet as a fun place to hang out, and not just a place of research.
People used AIM to express themselves with embarrassing screen names, funky profiles, and many random messages. It was the beginning of the social media empire that we love and hate today. Users are now remembering their old screen names on Twitter. Goodbye AIM. Thank you for all the memories and lols.