The California Fires Are Finally Being Tamed

By Isabella Pelletiere 10/18/17

Courtesy of Creative Commons
“We walked outside, and the sky was just glowing,” Janine Marsden told CBS San Francisco, “It was completely surreal.”
In the past week, devastating fires ravaged the California wine country and other major parts of the state, especially Napa. Napa was given an evacuation advisory to over 80,000 residents but they were not ordered to leave their homes. The fire is blamed for 40 deaths and destroyed over 5,700 homes.  More than 10,000 firefighters from across California are battling the 15 fires across the state.


The fires began to die down in the Napa area, according to officials. The evacuation orders have gone down from 75,000 from nearly 100,000, and residents are starting to go home. “A week ago this started as a nightmare, and the day we dreamed of has arrived,” Napa County supervisor Belia Ramos told CBS News San Francisco.


Firefighters continue to battle the flames in Santa Rosa where the evacuations are still in place and are trying to stop the fires from reaching the Sonoma Valley.

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