Walsh far ahead of Jackson in Recent Poll

By Allison Payne 10/23/17

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Mayor Marty Walsh has a commanding lead over City Councilor Tito Jackson in November’s mayoral race. According to the new Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll, Walsh leads Jackson among voters of every race, including blacks.
The survey shows Walsh beating Jackson 58 percent to 23 percent roughly two weeks before the Nov. 7 election. Sixty-nine percent of voters surveyed said they hold a favorable view of the mayor…66 percent say they like  his job performance, and 59 percent say that Boston, under Walsh, has implemented progressive policies.
Some voters were upset with soaring housing prices and the city’s high cost of living.  But even they seem bent on re-electing Mayor Walsh to a second term. The mayor dominated Jackson, the first major black candidate to reach the finals since 1983, in all categories of the highly-regarded poll.