Sam Smith Opens Up About Gender Identity

By Cailyn Carr 10/24/17

British singer-songwriter Sam Smith disclosed information about his sexuality, gender identity, and year of heartbreak in an interview with The Sunday Times. The interview was held by writer Louis Wise in anticipation of Smith’s album release on November 3rd.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

The Oscar-winning artist revealed that he does not identify as a cisgender male, but rather “feels just as much woman as I am man.” He said he had a teenage obsession with Boy George for the two and a half years he went without wearing a single article of men’s clothing. Smith also divulged his struggles with alcohol in the last year following a break-up. He says that his drinking got out of control and claims he is taking a break from alcohol… for a while.

The Grammy winner admitted knowing about his gender and sexuality long before he came out publicly, but delayed his coming out because he did not want to be labeled a “gay singer.” He instead wanted to be seen as an artist first. Smith wrote his first album, In the Lonely Hour, when he was just 19 years old and made a conscious decision to exclude any references to his sexuality.

Now that it’s six years later, songs on his upcoming album, The Thrill of It All, include his own experiences with sexuality and gender identity that, according to Smith, demonstrate his confidence and growth. Smith says that now he might not “mind” the title of “gay singer.”

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