Catalonia Declares Independence, Spain Says “ NO”

By Anais Bundy 10/27/17

The parliament of the Spanish region of  Catalonia has declared its independence from Spain.  At the same time, the Spanish parliament approved strict measures to keep Catalonia part of Spain. It decided to dismiss the president and cabinet, and disband the Parliament.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Spain’s prime minister declared he will erase the Catalan government by making it impossible for the region to sustain itself. The central government in Madrid has received unprecedented powers from the Spanish Senate. Under Article 155 of the constitution, Madrid has the power to destroy the whole Catalan government.


The Catalan lawmakers voted 70 to 10 vote to form the Catalan Republic as an independent and sovereign state. Supporters of independence gathered outside the parliament in Barcelona to cheer.

In response, the general prosecutor of Spain announced Spain would file a lawsuit against Puigdemont and the Catalan government along with the members of that parliament who voted in favor of independence.

 The United Kingdom, Germany, France, and the United States have declared their support for Spain in this longstanding dispute with its breakaway region

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