Is Jelena back together?

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Tyler Robichaud 11/5/17

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Gomez recently separated from The Weeknd after ten months of dating, citing the challenging distance of his tour as the reason for the break. Now, it seems like Bieber and Gomez can’t get enough of each other. They’ve been spotted doing various couple-like activities, such as getting breakfast and riding bikes together. More recently, the ex-Disney star attended Bieber’s hockey game sporting his jersey.

Though it’s obvious the two are spending time together, it isn’t clear if they’re officially back together. One source allegedly confirmed that the two were dating again, according to US Weekly. However, a different source claims they are spending time together but are not defining themselves as a couple quite yet, according to E! News.

For now, it seems like Jelena fans will have to enjoy their two favorite lovebirds spending time together and hold out hope that more is yet to come.