Netflix Cutting Off Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey at the premiere of Margin Call

By Elizabeth Perkin 11/5/17

Netflix will no longer be working wit

Courtesy of Creative Commons

h the “House of Cards” star, Kevin Spacey. They have cancelled his hit Netflix show, House of Cards, and a Netflix original film, “Gore,” Spacey starred and produced.

This all comes just days after Anthony Rapp alleges that Spacey sexual harassed him thirty years ago, when Rapp was only fourteen-years-old. Spacey “apologized” on social media for his actions, saying that if he did sexually harass Rapp it was because he was too drunk and doesn’t remember. He then used his “apology” statement to come out as gay. Many people were quick to point out that Spacey was deflecting attention away from the allegations and trying to over it up by coming out.
Rapp is not the only one accusing Spacey; eight current and former “House of Cards” employees are also accusing him of sexual misconduct. They said that Spacey made the set of the Netflix series a “toxic” work environment.