College Soccer Player Caught Wearing ‘ Racist’ Costume

By Anais Bundy 11/6/17

Courtesy of Creative Commons

The Wheaton College women’s soccer team has been suspended from joining the tournament on Saturday. The student who wore the costume will also face a disciplinary hearing on the incident.

A Wheaton College women’s soccer player faces penalties after being photographed in blackface at a Halloween costume party.

The student  used makeup to darken her face, drew on a mustache, and wore a bald cap. She claimed she was dressed as a character from the film “ White Chicks” called Latrell Spencer. In the movie, Latrell Spencer is played by Terry Crews who is an African American man.

Students at Wheaton College have created and signed a petition for the school’s administration to take action on the incident. This petition includes a list of demands to penalize the student involved in the blackface incident by removing them from extracurricular activities, and on campus employment opportunities. Additionally,  they ask for Wheaton College to promote their diversity with their staff along with racial oppression awareness meetings.

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