Massachusetts State Police Chief Steps Down Amid Controversy

By Sarah Maugaotega 11/15/17

The superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police, Colonel Richard McKeon, is stepping down from the position. He announced that he is retiring next week after claims were made that he  instructed a state trooper to remove compromising information from the arrest record of the daughter of a judge. A statement from the State Police said McKeon admitted to ordering changes be made to the report, but State Police said it was an acceptable practice for supervisors to edit reports.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

McKeon received widespread judgment for ordering State Trooper Ryan Sceviour to change the report he wrote about Ali Bibaud in Worcester on charges of drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs. Her father, Timothy Bibaud presides over the drug court at the Dudley County District Court and is the first justice there.

McKeon wrote an email to all 2,200 state troopers on Nov. 10 that said, “I have today decided that putting the greater good of the Massachusetts State Police first necessitates my decision to retire after 35 years of proud service.” His retirement will be set in place on Nov. 17, and officials say his successor will be announced soon.