Pop Singer Melanie Martinez Accused of Rape by Former Best friend, Timothy Heller

By John Billotti 12/7/17

Platinum-selling musician Melanie Martinez was accused of rape by her former best friend and fellow singer Timothy Heller.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Heller took to Twitter on Monday to detail the incident and describe the “codependency” of their relationship. “I never said yes. I said no, repeatedly,” wrote Heller. “But she used her power over me, and broke me down. Just so there is no confusion, I was molested by my best friend.”

Martinez responded to Heller’s statement the next day, saying she was “horrified and saddened” by the allegations. She also claims that Heller “never said no to what [they] chose to do together.”

Heller says she was emboldened to share her story following the recent series of sexual misconduct allegations against high profile men of nearly every industry. The accusations against Martinez are the first in the recent series perpetuated by a woman.

“The only reason I do this now is because I’m hoping because of recent events, people will believe me,” she wrote. “I beg you to imagine her role in this being a man. Girls can rape girls. Best friends can rape best friends. Friendships does not equal consent. Silence doesn’t equal consent. I wish it wasn’t so hard for me to convince myself of these things.”