Palestinians violently protest Trump Jerusalem decision

By Stephanie Wittenbach 12/9/17

On Thursday, as many as 49 people were injured in the wake of violent protests across Israel. Israeli troops used rubber bullets, water cannons, and tear gas against the Palestinian protestors, who burned tires and threw rocks at armed Israeli soldiers. Since Trump’s announcement UN officials warned citizens that violent protests would be expected.

The Muslim world reacted badly to Trump’s recognition that the US is now recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In addition, the US will move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Arab leaders said the move is a powerful blow to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. To the Trump Administration this is nothing more than following through with previous administration’s promises to side with Israel on the controversial Jerusalem issue.

Palestinians want east Jerusalem, which is in their territory, to be the capital. The leader of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, said in Gaza, “We want the uprising to last and continue to let Trump and the occupation regret this decision.” “It is a declaration of war against our Palestinian people in the holiest of holy places of the Christians and Muslims,” he said. Jerusalem is home to the three great monotheistic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Palestinians and Israelis both see the City of Jerusalem as extreme significance for their religions.

A senior aide to the Palestinian President, Nabil Abu Rdeneh, warned, “With its decision, the U.S has isolated itself and Israel, and has pushed the area into a dangerous situation and stopped the peace process.”