Glove Hurts

Joe Jacobs / WEBN -TV

By James Kwon 1/31/2018

A single glove has never caused as much of a media frenzy as the one on Tom Brady’s hand.

The second day of media availability took place Tuesday, and brought more noteworthy appearances from players and coaches.  Brady was again the center of attention, wearing a glove on his right hand.  When he took to the podium, Brady was asked about his hand, which was the major topic of discussion leading up the the AFC Championship Game against Jacksonville.

“My hand? It’s getting better but it’s not quite where I want it to be. So, I’m just trying to protect it the best way I can,” Brady said. “Obviously a very important part of my body as  a quarterback so I want it to be as healthy as possible for the game on Sunday.”

The injury was first brought to the media’s attention on January 18th, when Brady missed a practice during preparation for the Jaguars. It was revealed that he had injured his hand the day prior in a collision with running back Rex Burkhead. Patriots Nation promptly went into a panic, but it proved to be unnecessary, as the injury didn’t stop Brady from being Brady.  He was sharp in helping to lead the Pats to yet another Super Bowl.

Though the injury will continue to be a hot topic all week, Brady is staying optimistic, even joking with reporters on the properties of his customized glove.

“Under Armour just made it for me, it’s a great glove,” Brady said. “It’s got a lot of recovery in it.”