Texas Bomber Killed Himself Ending the Three-week Manhunt

By Yiming Zhao 3/21/2018

Mark Anthony Conditt, the man behind the serial bombing in Austin Texas, blew himself up in his car early Wednesday, according to news reports. Police warned that more bombs could be out there, and the public should not let down their guard.
Police located Conditt’s vehicle at a hotel in Round Rock, Texas, north of Austin, and followed him onto Interstate 35. According to CNN, Conditt pulled into a ditch and detonated an explosive device as Austin Police Department SWAT team members approached his car. One of the SWAT officers was injured from the explosion.
Conditt, who was reportedly 23 years old and unemployed, is believed to be responsible for the six explosive packages all over Austin that killed two people and injured four others. Austin police said they identified him through a shopping receipt, an online search history and the surveillance video showing him delivering packages to FedEx. All the bomb-making material was purchased at Home Depot. Conditt’s motive is still unknown.
Associated Press found online posting indicating that Conditt was homeschooled and later attended Austin Community College from 2010 to 2012. He did not graduate, according to a college spokesperson reported by AP. His grandmother Mary Conditt described him as a quiet, kind and loving person and she had never seen any signs of malice or violence in him in an interview with CNN.