Self-Driving Vehicles Resume Testing in Boston After Suspension

By Cho Yin Rachel Lo 4/2/2018

BOSTON — Boston City officials give the green light for driverless cars to resume testing in the city. Testing was suspended for a week following a fatal crash in Arizona. 

Courtesy of Creative Commons

A driverless Uber car that hit and killed a woman walking outside of a crosswalk in Tempe, Arizona, prompted Mayor Marty Walsh to suspend testing of self-driving vehicles. The two companies testing self-driving cars, nuTonomy, and Optimus Ride went through a safety policy review.
The testing of autonomous vehicles will be back in Boston with safety measures in place, according to CBS Boston. Emergency braking must be installed on all vehicles, there must be the presence of a competent driver in the driver’s seat, and testing will only be done in the limited areas agreed upon.
Although the two companies have resumed testing in Boston, driverless vehicles aren’t going to be seen on the roads of all states. According to CBS News, Gov. Doug Ducey suspended Uber from running the vehicle in Arizona.