Boston Marathon Security Precautions Released

By Isabel Indresano 4/6/2018

Since the Marathon Bombings of 2013, the Boston Police Department has taken significant steps to continue increasing the security of the race and the safety of both the runners and the spectators.

The city police department, along with the Massachusetts State Police and the FBI, released their security plan after six months of deliberating that will be put in place for the April 16, 2018Marathon. Officials say between 7,500 and 8,000 safety personnel will be patrolling along the route of the race which stretches through eight neighboring towns and cities. 5,000 of these personnel will be officers both in uniform and plain clothes. Massachusetts State Police say there also will be a number of undercover troopers among the crowd.

Bomb-sniffing police dogs and state police helicopters are just a few of the other safety precautions the city will be taking on Marathon Monday. There will once again be tethered drones used, with two located in Hopkinton and one in Natick.

FBI Special Agent Hank Shaw says there are currently no known threats against this year’s marathon.