By Elizabeth Perkin 4/9/2018

It was a pilot program for a year but now it may be a reality. The controversial police body camera system has been added to Boston’s 2019 budget at a cost of 2 million dollars.
This June results from Northeastern University’s study of the city’s one-year body camera pilot-program will be released. It will give specifics on the program’s successes and failures, as well as how the funds should be allocated.
But a preliminary review of the pilot program found that body camera-wearing officers were less likely to have complaints of wrongdoing filed against them.
The body cameras are worn on the officers uniform and record what they see and do. Now the camera does have to be turned on for it to record what the officer is seeing and doing.
Mayor Marty Walsh said, “Most of the conversations coming back were positive and I think it’s important to me, as we look to the future of policing, we’ll see exactly how it works, I mean it could be an effective tool.”
“We have to look at the equipment”, Walsh added, “what it would cost, how we keep it, how long we keep it for. All those questions will come up in the pilot once it’s complete,” said Walsh.
The proposed funding is part of Walsh’s budget, which will be filed this week for review by the City Council.
The budget also includes an extra $100,000 for a street workers program for high-crime neighborhoods.

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