By Angel Salcedo 4/23/2018

The Silver Line bus expansion was announced in early 2015 with a price tag of 57 million dollars. After three years of construction, the new bus service was launched on Saturday, April 21st. With the recent expansion, the Silver Line now runs from South Station all the way to Chelsea with stops in East Boston and the Seaport District.

The project has been in the works for three years is the latest innovation improvement made by the MBTA to connect Boston better. The MBTA expects to serve 8,700 passengers every day while cutting average commute time from Chelsea to South Station in half.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Despite the projected positive effects of the expansion, Chelsea City Council President Damali Vidot has expressed concern over the location of the Silver Line bus stops. Vidot believes that the stops were built away from the densely populated low-income neighborhoods that most need them, She asks, “Are we catering to existing Chelsea long-term residents or are we catering to the residents that the developers would like to see in Chelsea?”