Van Attack in Toronto Leaves 10 Dead and 15 Injured

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Joseph Davidi 4/25/2018

A driver in Toronto drove on the sidewalk during a lunch-hour rush, killing 10 people and injuring 15, police said.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Toronto Police identified 25-year-old Alek Minassian as the suspect in the attack. Authorities have not yet officially disclosed a motive, but according to Police Chief Mark Saunders, “The incident definitely looked deliberate.”

Video shot by a bystander showed Minassian telling the police to “kill me” while pointing an object at an officer and claiming he had a gun in his pocket. The police were able to order him to the ground and arrest him.

An online profile of Minassian described him as a college student who lives in a Toronto suburb and had not been known to police previously. Former classmates said he attended a school for students with special needs, according to BBC News.

 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the authorities see no national security element in the case as he downplayed the possibility of terrorism.

“We should all feel safe walking in our cities and communities,” Trudeau said. “We are monitoring this situation closely and will continue working with our law enforcement partners around the country to ensure the safety and security of all Canadians.”