By Juliette Flaherty

The man arrested for the murder of a Weymouth police officer and another female resident is scheduled to make his first appearance in the Quincy courthouse. Sergeant Michael C. Chesna and 77-year-old Vera Adams were both fatally injured early Sunday morning.

Police reports say that the alleged killer, Emmanuel “Manny” Lopes drove his girlfriend’s mother’s BMW into a parked car before fleeing. Sgt. Chesna spotted him throwing rocks at a house when he exited his vehicle to confront Lopes; a rock was thrown at Chesna’s head, knocking him unconscious. Police then say that Lopes grabbed the handgun on Chesna’s person and fired at his head, torso and legs.

Weymouth Officer Sean Murphy arrived on the scene thereafter, saw Lopes standing over Chesna, and fired at him, hitting him in the leg.

A wounded Lopes started to flee, firing at houses as he attempted to escape. One shot entered through a sliding glass door and fatally wounded an elderly retired insurance worker, Vera Adams. Lopes was taken into police custody not long after. When apprehended, officials found Chesna’s handgun on his person; he had fired all of the bullets in it– 15 or 16 rounds.

People close to Lopes say he had a history of mental instability and violence; citing a suicide attempt in his sophomore year of high school and frequent engagement in fights.

Lopes was in hospital care for a leg wound at South Shore hospital in Weymouth until he was deemed medically fit to appear in court.


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