So You Think You Can Dance choreographer steps into the spotlight

By Alejandra Zimmerman Rios 9/17/18

After working on “So You Think You Can Dance” for over 15 seasons, Choreographer Mandy Moore snagged her second Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Choreography.

Moore is a seven-time Emmy-nominated choreographer and producer whose work shines in television dancing competitions and award-winning films. She earned her first Emmy in 2017 for Outstanding Choreography for “Dancing with the Stars.”

Moore spoke to WEBN about her journey with the dance world. She immediately moved to California to pursue her dancing dreams a day after her high school graduation and in 2018, she never imagined being honored for her passion.

I’m literally from the smallest town in Colorado, up in the mountains like I used to just dance just cause I loved it,” says Moore. “To think that I get to you know a make a living at this and then be rewarded at this level is absolutely incredible.


While it took some time to become an Emmy winner, Moore is grateful that her journey has been a rather “slow-burn” for her over gaining immediate overnight success.

“I think that slow and steady wins the race for sure, even though that’s not who I am naturally. I’m definitely the hare, I go faster, not the tortoise, but I think my life has taught me I’ve got to be the tortoise.”

Her advice to any young LA bound choreographer is to “don’t give up” and always “work on yourself” and “your craft.”

Moore will help choreograph the opening number for the Emmys.