NBC’s ‘The Voice’ is more than a singing competition

By Sydney Zuckerman 9/17/18

When we think of NBC’s “The Voice”, we think of more than just a voice. We think of the artists, their individual stories, and everything they risk by taking a chance on themselves. Viewers tune in each week, because they care about the singers who put their hearts on the line for the audience. The raw emotion, and dedication to transparency with who they are as a person, is what consistently earns “The Voice” numerous Emmy nominations a year. To date, they have 49 nominations, and seven wins since the premiere in 2011.

The stories are not produced overnight. Emmy nominated producer Jared Wyso says he conducts 150 hours of interviews per season minimum. These interviews allow Wyso to fully understand the performer’s motivation. The aired interviews are only two minutes long. Wyso works with editors and other producers to make sure their footage and important points are all highlighted seamlessly in a piece.

Wyso says “It’s about making [artists] feel comfortable in a completely uncomfortable environment.” Many of the contestants have never told their life stories to anybody, so gaining a level of comfort and trust is essential to having them be so open and honest about their past, fears, and aspirations.

Senior Producer, and three-time Emmy Award winning Brittany Martin Porter says while it’s  important for the artists to feel comfortable, it is just as important for the staff. The crew works overtime to ensure all performances, pre taped footage, and live-show preparations are perfect for when it is time to air. Martin Porter considers her coworkers as a family. “We’re incredibly close. We spend so much time together, and so much of it is out of an office setting, so we really have to get along and we do. It’s one big family,” she says, “They were all at my wedding, it’s like a love fest.”

She jokes, with an all-too-serious undertone, that she spends more time with her work family than her husband. That communication and synchronicity within the crew is what makes the show run so smoothly season after season. They never slow down, or stop trying to improve the show. Getting in the grove of producing outstanding content with a familial group is what keeps an average of 11 million viewers tuning in weekly.