Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Ryan Kanne 10/09/2018

Normally, the NBA preseason is uneventful other than the occasional dunk or breakout play from a rookie. However, it seems that Cleveland Cavaliers forward J.R. Smith and Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart didn’t follow the script, and now they’re paying for it.
In a game in Cleveland October 6, J.R. Smith and Celtics forward Aaron Baynes got tangled up as they were fighting for position on a rebound. Baynes twisted Smith around, causing the Cavs forward to shove Baynes. Smart stormed in and pushed Smith from behind to trying to come to the aid of his teammate.
Before anything could happen, players on the court separated the two. Smith laughed the entire time watching Smart being restrained by his own teammates. Smith was issued a technical fouled and Smart was ejected from the game.
Smart was fined $25,000 for escalation, Smith was fined $15,000 for shoving, and Baynes was fined $15,000 for initiating the altercation. Both teams will have plenty of time to settle their differences as the Celtics and Cavaliers play each other four times in the regular season.