Fall Fashion Show at the William Edward Boutique

By Natalie Daniels 10/11/2018

Fall clothing revamps to chic wear at this year’s 2018 Boston Fashion Week. William Edward Boutique at the Galleria Mall in Cambridge held a fashion show promoting a new fall clothing line by owner and designer Latia Lopes on Friday.

The boutique is known for providing elegant clothing to a broader audience. This fashion show was all about redesigning fall outfits in a stylish way.

Before the show, men and women browsed through the boutique. On one side, colorful skirts, jackets, and dresses hung from white racks. On the other side gold and silver jewelry adorned cases with pocketbooks scattered around. Guests were allowed to shop and purchase clothing before the fashion show while grabbing a cupcake and/or sparkling cider.

When the show began, two models walked towards the window display and posed like the store mannequins. One model dressed in a sequined provocative dress while the other was in a red leathered strapless dress.

One by one models strutted the store floor to showcase the new fall fashion line ranging from patterned dark green dresses, off the shoulder black dresses, patterned orange and red dresses, dark-colored jumpsuits, and purple two pieces made of lace.

Lopes explained the inspiration of her clothing line. “I think fashion belongs to everybody,” she said. While creating a line for a bigger audience, she also wanted to add a chic stylish side to it. She adds, “I wanted to bring the flavor I experienced when traveling Europe.”

This flavor can be seen while looking at the models dressed in a mix of bright and dark colors as well as different styled cuts and sequins.

The fashion show proved to be successful when after the show guests were eager to purchase the new elegant fall clothing line.