Boston En Vogue Returns as Striking as Ever

By Victoria Gonzalez  10/15/2018

The Boston En Vogue made its way back to Emmanuel Church on Newbury Street on October 6th for Boston’s Annual Fashion Week. Local designers and others from around the globe showcased their most favorite and most creative fashions for this popular event.

The models were a diverse group: men and women who of different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. Boston-born fashion designer Conrad Lamour was the producer for Boston En Vogue. He founded his own fashion and leather label in 1995 and continues to create outfits made of unique prints.

Lamour shared his inspirations by saying, “I love sharp bright lines in the angles, so definitely architecture inspires me, and history inspires me, too.” He chose his fashion pieces to complement the individual styles of each model making his clothes and those who wore them down the runway, look the best they possibly could.

His designs are flashy and never failed to impress the audience. Most of them are made with sequins that created colorful patterns on the women’s jumpsuits and dresses. “To feel confident, to feel classy, and definitely enjoy themselves and love what they’re wearing” Lamour said of the models showing his Luxury collection.

The atmosphere in the Church was not like the typical or modern fashion shows. This one captured the trappings of the seventeenth century. The architecture is Neo-Gothic which was the perfect backdrop for the timeless clothing.

Another noted designer showing that night was Ron Saintval from Boston, who showcased his men’s clothing line, “Majesty 22”, and his women’s line, “First Empress”. His men’s jacket designs are so elaborate they suggest the royalty of emperor. Most of the jackets are made of red, black, or gold silk. They have fur around the neck and black patches on the elbows. The women’s dresses are high neck and made of velvet for a sophisticated look. Saintval hopes that people feel as if they’re “living a lifestyle of being supreme, somebody who has warrior blood,” while wearing his clothes.

The show concluded with the remaining brand ambassadors of the night including Chrissy Sardano, a Boston University student who incorporates reusable plastics in her favorite pieces. Bethany Joyce and Quinn Shuler also made a mark with their brand “Lavish Living.” Their clothes were unique takes of comfortable sweat suits made of solid colors. The hoodies that matched the sweatpants all had their logo printed on them.