United States Olympic Committee is Seeking to Revoke USA Gymnastics Recognition

Courtesy of Creative Commons

The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) announced that it is seeking to revoke the recognition of USA Gymnastics as the national governing body for the sport.

This is in response to the organization’s struggles to recover from the sex abuse scandal involving former team doctor Larry Nassar.
“We believe the challenges facing the organization are simply more than it is capable of overcoming in its current form,” said USOC CEO Sarah Hirshland in a statement released Monday.
Hirshland told gymnasts that the USOC is working to decertify USA Gymnastics.
“While each of you has overcome adversity in different ways, some facing unimaginably terrible situations, everyone now faces the difficult reality of belonging to a national organization that continues to struggle to change its culture, to rebuild its leadership and to effectively serve its membership,” Hirshland wrote. “You deserve better.”
In the statement, Hirshland clarified that the decertification process does not guarantee any particular outcome.
“You’re no doubt wondering what this means for you and the gymnastics community,” Hirshland wrote to athletes. “Until the process is completed and a final determination on USAG’s status is made, we will work to ensure that gymnastics training and competitions will continue as usual.”

There is no timeline mentioned in the statement.