Pressley Evokes Power and Change

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Abigail Royle 01/12/2019

“Together, we are powerful.” That was the heart of House Representative Ayanna Pressley’s speech made today at Roxbury Community College. The Congresswoman paid a visit to the college just over a week after being officially sworn-in to the House on January 3.


Pressley stood on stage to take her oath again, this time in front of the community that helped elect get her. The event was for all the people who couldn’t go to Washington D.C. to see Pressley be sworn-in.


After taking her own oath again, Pressley asked to audience to join her in taking an oath of their own. The crowd eagerly repeated after Pressley, pledging to be bold, have diverse perspectives, and stand up for humanity in the community. Most importantly, Pressley had the audience pledge to try their bests to “build a more equitable and just community for us all.”


Pressley ended her speech by saying she “still believe[s] in the power of us, and change is on the way.”