Kamala Harris Is Latest to Run for President

Courtesy of Creative Commons
By Tyler Englander 1/21/2019

California Senator Kamala Harris went on ABC’s “Good Morning America” today to become the latest Democrat to run for president.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

She also released a video on social media saying, “Justice. Decency. Equality. Freedom. Democracy…These aren’t just words. They’re the values we as Americans cherish. And they’re all on the line now.”
Harris is currently in her first term as the Junior Senator from California. Prior to joining the Senate, Harris served as the state’s Attorney General for six years. She has been especially active in criminal justice reform work.
Since Harris is an African-American, it is especially interesting that she chose Martin Luther King Jr. Day to make her announcement. Harris joins a crowded field that includes Tulsi Gabbard, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, and Julian Castro. As many as a dozen more candidates are expected to announce soon.