Rams Veteran Tackle Skyrockets Playoff Ladder


By Natalie Clydesdale 01/31/2019

Prior to this season, Andrew Whitworth had a record of 0-7 in the playoffs.

Th 13-year NFL veteran said that record made him realize how “fragile players expectations can be” when it comes to winning playoff games.

“When you get to the playoffs, the margin for error drops a ton,” Whitworth said. “You can be on a really good football team that just didn’t make a play here or there and end up losing a playoff game.”

“Every little mistake adds up in the playoffs,” he said.

The offensive tackle played for the Cincinnati Bengals for 11 seasons before signing with the Los Angeles Rams in 2017.

Whitworth said he is not concerned only four of his teammates have Super Bowl experience.

“I think some of the newness can also been a good thing for us. We’ll just have an excitement and an energy to go out and play.”