Super Bowl LIII Halftime Performance

By Ashley Barrow 2/5/2019

Courtesy of Creative Commons

A large “M” in the crowd signaled the pause of the game and the beginning of the Superbowl halftime performance at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Maroon 5 made an entrance and the crowd sang along to lyrics of “This Love” as they clapped to the sound of the music.

A surprise SpongeBob Squarepants appearance came on before Travis Scott made his way to the stage. The brief cameo from Spongebob and his group was from a clip of an episode where the characters performed their famous “Sweet Victory” song.

Travis Scott sang the lyrics to “Sicko Mode” while the audience jumped up and down in awe. As the crowd started screaming, he mouthed the lyrics to “Girls Like You.” Hands went up in excitement as performers in blue choir robes came to the stage and started singing.

Lanterns with words of encouragement on them lit up through the stadium as Maroon 5 once again made their way to the stage and sang “She Should be Loved.”

Some of the lanterns were drones, like those used in Lady Gaga’s performance last year, and formed words like “LOVE” as the band performed. This seemed to be one of the most moving moments of the performance.

At one point a black Cadillac pulled up onto the stage and four men, including the rapper Big Boi (Antwan André Patton), out of the car wearing white pants and red suit jackets. The crowd sang along to a performance of OutKast’s “The Way You Move.”

Adam Levine took the crowd’s attention once more and sang the lyrics to “Sugar” while making his way through the audience.

The performance ended with a blaze of firework lights. Spectators turned their attention back to the game, anticipating the outcome.