Denver Teachers Strike Over Pay

Courtesy of Creative Commons

By Angel Salcedo 02/01/2019

Denver’s teachers walked out after salary negotiations with the city broke down this past weekend. The district had hired 300 substitute teachers to prepare for the shortage of staff. The schools will remain open during the strike, but classes for 5,000 preschoolers had to be canceled because of the short staff.


The teachers were not the only ones unhappy with the salary negotiations. While picketing outside, crowds of rowdy students were inside the schools blasting music and dancing, jumping up and down in the hallways. Students say that the teachers deserve higher pay for the work they do. The school was supposed to follow special schedules during the strike, but the plan quickly devolved into chaos.


Denver Public Schools have proposed increasing the starting teacher salary from 43,255 dollars to 45,500 which is still 300 dollars below what the union is asking for, and negotiations are still underway.